Mobile homes

Premium Line

from 40 m2 – 57 m2 

JB Homes brand as a recipe for a luxurious rest close to nature. Modern design breaks the stereotypes and goes against the commonplace about the mobile home.

Standard Line

from 35 m2 – 57 m2

Our standard models with BASIC option without furnishings and COMFORT option with furnishings. Based on the optional equipment, your mobile homes can also be configured inside or outside according to your own ideas.

Glamp Line

from 25 m2-35 m2

The Glamp line – a comfortable business solution for the leisure sector. Ideal for resorts and campsites that want to offer their customers a comfortable stay in a mobile home, in the heart of nature.

Mobile homes

Producer of year-round mobile homes and chalets.

Mobile homes all over Europe.
Our most interesting projects for resorts, campsites, hotels, temporary work centres, as well as individual projects for our clients

Business Offer


Our clients

Manufacturer of mobile holiday homes

We specialize in the production of unique year-round mobile buildings. Our offer includes holiday cottages and worker accommodations. Each of our designs combines trendy aesthetics with user comfort, making these structures perfect for leisure purposes. The ability to place them in any safe location at any time of the year allows for the creation of comfortable living conditions whenever the need arises. Whether you desire a cozy retreat for your vacation or need to provide accommodation for organized groups, our year-round mobile homes are the ideal solution!

Ready-made holiday homes and year-round mobile houses. When do they prove useful?

One of the many advantages of our year-round buildings is their ability to be placed in any location. It could be a field near a large festival, a secure area near a construction site, or a beach just a few meters from the sea. We can deliver a year-round holiday home to the location of your choice. Setting up several such units to create a small community is also a great idea. If you have a plot of land in the mountains or by a lake, you gain the opportunity to create a comfortable place to relax in close proximity to nature.

What are the benefits of year-round mobile homes?

All our mobile holiday homes and worker accommodations are built with high-quality materials, making them durable and resistant to the elements. Each year-round building can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. You can easily live, relax, and work there all year round! The design includes a kitchen, bathroom, and resting area. When placing an order, you can choose the color of individual elements and select the furnishings, while also expressing your specific requirements. We will tailor the project to meet your needs!

These units can be equipped with wheels, allowing for quick relocation within a few meters. Therefore, they are an excellent solution for construction sites. The models available in our offer can also be successfully used as worker accommodations. Order them today!

Year-round mobile homes from the manufacturer. Ready-to-move-in for everyone!

To live in a year-round mobile home, all you need to do is prepare the suitable location, order a specific model, and then connect all the necessary utilities. The building will be ready for use! It is a quick and convenient solution for any situation. It is the perfect residence for couples, groups of friends, families with children, and workers. Explore how our holiday and worker accommodations are prepared, then browse through our previous projects. Afterwards, get in touch with us – we will answer your questions and help you choose the best solution.

Can you live in a holiday home all year round?

Can our mobile homes be lived in all year round? Absolutely. All our mobile homes are produced with year-round insulation using open-cell PUR foam, which is 13-18cm thick in the walls, roof, and floor, making the homes fully habitable. Moreover, the production of our mobile holiday homes follows the current trends in construction.

Do you need a permit for a mobile holiday home?

Mobile homes with a size not exceeding 35m2 currently do not require a building permit. However, certain formalities, such as notifying the County Office, need to be fulfilled. You can read more about the notification procedure here.

Plot and holiday home with an area of 35m2, 50m2, or 70m2

In accordance with the current regulations, you can place a year-round mobile home on various types of land, including residential, agricultural, forest, or recreational plots. However, you need to check the spatial development plans for your specific location. You can do this by contacting the municipal or city office responsible for your plot and submitting the appropriate application. If the local spatial development plan does not cover the plot, you will need to apply for a decision on building conditions and land development before placing