Sanitary container with shower

Manufacturer of sanitary containers

Manufacturer of sanitary containers

Sanitary containers

We produce containers to meet various needs: office containers, social containers, commercial containers, residential containers, and sanitary containers. All our containers are built from scratch in our production hall in Białystok. We offer solutions with a wide range of applications and cater to both private individuals and businesses.

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Sanitary modules with steel construction

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Surface area: 8.21m2, Dimensions: 4.41m x 2.41m

2 separate rooms with shower cabins, utility room.

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Sanitary containers from

We produce containers to meet various needs: office containers, social containers, commercial containers, residential containers, and sanitary containers. All containers are built from scratch in our production hall in Białystok, Poland. We offer solutions with a wide range of applications, targeting both individuals and businesses. The versatile nature of our mobile containers allows for flexible arrangements with suitable equipment. With minimal effort and cost, you can create a modern office, customer service point, fast food bar, or a sanitary container equipped with toilets and showers. Our sanitary containers are perfect for creating practical, compact toilets at events such as mass gatherings, sports events, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, and weddings. They are also suitable for parks, playgrounds, and construction sites where access to toilets and washbasins is essential. Our sanitary containers are made from durable materials and are fully mobile, meaning they can be relocated easily. This functionality allows for multiple uses at different events and locations. Moreover, maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness is easy with our sanitary containers. Renting sanitary containers to other companies and individuals is a common practice. Renting containers is a viable option when there is a lack of such facilities in a particular location. A sanitary container provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for quickly organizing sanitary facilities. Each container can be tailored to meet individual customer expectations and needs. Sanitary containers come in various sizes, and even small containers can be installed in almost any location. Multiple small sanitary containers can be placed side by side.

Sanitary container with a shower

Portable sanitary containers are available with an additional shower option, which enhances their functionality. These units are ideal for beaches, water reservoirs, bathing areas, and recreational areas. Sanitary containers with showers can also be part of the infrastructure for sports fields and stadiums. Modern sanitary containers are equipped with electrical installations and heating systems, ensuring full comfort of use, even in colder months. The sanitary containers can be customized with toilets, urinals, WC cabins, washbasins, and even showers. Basic models can be further equipped with grates, air conditioning, electrical sockets, additional windows, blinds, cabinets, motion sensors, and more. The design of sanitary containers allows for multiple relocations within different locations. Our sanitary containers are constructed with moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean materials. The high-quality finishing materials make sanitary containers not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, blending naturally with the surroundings. Our offer includes not only the production of sanitary containers but also transportation throughout Poland. Customers are responsible for preparing a suitable location for container placement.

Sanitary container for plots

Portable sanitary containers also appeal to owners of recreational plots, campsites, and camping fields. Having access to a toilet, washbasin, or shower significantly enhances the comfort of staying on the plot. Modern sanitary containers provide a much more appealing alternative to traditional outhouses. Portable sanitary containers with full amenities can be used just like a regular bathroom. If space is limited on the plot, a smaller sanitary container equipped only with a toilet and washbasin can be chosen. To set up a sanitary container on a plot, you need to have a suitable space available. Ready-to-use containers with appropriate sanitary facilities are transported to the plot, where they are “installed.” The sanitary container can be connected to a sewer system or septic tank. With our extensive engineering knowledge and certified suppliers, the sanitary containers we offer are completely safe. The price of used sanitary containers is likely to be lower than that of brand-new ones, but opting for a trusted sanitary container manufacturer ensures peace of mind. The prices of sanitary containers in our offer vary depending on the chosen model and additional equipment. Undoubtedly, this is a convenient solution for plot owners looking for a toilet facility on their land.