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Letniskowo - complaints

Complaint company aims to provide the best, fastest and professional service to our customers and ensure the quality of mobile homes manufactured by us. We are aware of the fact that with a large number of projects carried out and a huge number of manufactured houses, occasionally some damage or faults may occur. We ensure that complaints are dealt with quickly. We are always happy to hear any suggestions you may have concerning our mobile homes.

We will endeavour to provide you with prompt information on the actions taken to clarify the circumstances and to rectify any damage or faults that have occurred. The conclusions of the complaints will be used to improve the quality level of our product.

We will make every effort to thoroughly investigate each complaint and respond within a maximum of 14 days. We will do our best to consider each complaint thoroughly and respond within max. 14 days.
The customer may lodge a complaint:

In person at the company’s headquarters or by post: Garkowski, Solka Sp. k.
ul. Elewatorska 29
15-620 Białystok

Via e-mail: