Sanitary module

Sanitary module


Umea is a mobile and fully equipped sanitary container consisting of two separate rooms. The container has a complete installation that can be customized to individual needs. This allows us to offer customized solutions tailored to the client’s specifications.

Umea is perfect for camping sites, recreational areas, construction sites, and mass event locations. The mobile sanitary container can also be used by personnel in places where access to traditional sanitary facilities is limited. One undeniable advantage of our solution is its ease of cleanliness maintenance. Umea does not require maintenance or emptying. Simply connect water, sewage, and electricity to fully utilize the offered functionalities.

sanitarinis konteineris


The comfort of using the facilities is ensured by access to hot water. The sanitation unit is equipped with two boilers that provide hot water regardless of the weather conditions outside. Additionally, electric heaters included in the rooms’ equipment contribute to the convenience of use.

The equipment includes:
Top view

Floor plan

conteneur sanitaire


Basic information

Two separate bathrooms with shower cabins and a technical room.

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