JB Moon Light

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JB Moon Light

The year-round JB Moon Light mobile home is ideal for lovers of communal living. The mobile home offers a total of 4 beds distributed over 3 bedrooms.
Underfloor heating with wi fi control is used throughout the cottage, allowing you to create the right temperature in each room remotely. The 18 cm-thick open-cell PUR foam perfectly fills every nook and cranny of the floor, walls and roof of your cottage, perfectly insulating and eliminating heat loss. In combination with the 3-pane window and door joinery used, this will translate into even better thermal insulation and lower bills for you.
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We combined the roofing with the façade to give the cottage a modern look. This allowed us to dispense with guttering, as water from the roof runs down the façade. The façade slate is maintenance-free. It is easy to clean and does not need to be painted. The decorative elements were made of FIBO panel.
Throughout the bungalow, windows are inserted in the 6/7 chamber system allowing excellent thermal insulation parameters to be maintained with significant savings on heating. Energy-efficient, with no loss of heat.
Roofed, made of Siberian larch.
The extraordinary resistance of the FIBO wall panels allows them to be used in the most demanding areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom. It is a proposal for people who expect elegance in their surroundings, while at the same time the practicality of the materials used.
Resistance to scratches, heat and water made it possible to use the compact HPL worktop in the most demanding areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.
With Wi-Fi heating control, you can control and regulate the temperature from anywhere. For even more effective insulation, we have used 18 cm of open-cell PUR foam to ensure a constant optimum temperature in both summer and winter.


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JB Moon Light

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3 bedrooms, living room with kitchenette, bathroom, terrace
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