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JB Black Stone

All year home is ideal proposal for lovers of open spaces
The whole house has underfloor heating with wi fi control, which will allow you to create the right temperature in each room remotely. Open-cell PUR foam perfectly fills every nook and cranny of the floor, walls and roof of your cottage, perfectly insulating and eliminating heat loss. In combination with the applied 3-pane window and door joinery, it will translate into even better thermal insulation and lower bills for you.
rimelig bungalow med terrasse


Extraordinary durability of the facade while maintaining aesthetic values. We combined two types of facades to give the mobile home a timeless look. An aluminum diamond-shaped facade resistant to weather conditions was used on the facade.
Full-height glazing opens the interior of the holiday home to the surroundings and illuminates the rooms. Sliding doors offer comfortable access to the terrace, moving parallel to the wall to create a uniform surface, which allows for a visual connection between the interior space and the terrace.
The terrace is a natural extension of the living area of the mobile home – an ideal place for family relaxation in the fresh air. It is resistant to very harsh weather conditions, thanks to the use of Siberian larch.
In the mobile home, the mezzanine serves not only a decorative but also a practical role, allowing for additional usable space. Thanks to the mezzanine, the space in the mobile home appears to be more open, and the living room itself is larger and much more spacious.
Resistance to scratches, high temperatures, and water made it possible to use a compact HPL countertop in the most demanding places, such as the kitchen and bathroom.
A source of fresh air in your year-round mobile home. Air curtains with heating element capture dust and larger pollutants carried by the air and bring fresh air to the house, preheating it in the process. The air flows through the successive rooms and is expelled through a ventilation grille installed in the bathroom.


voordelige bungalow met terras

JB Black Stone

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Bedroom, living room with kitchen annex, bathroom, mezzanine, built-in terrace.
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