JB Golden Sky

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JB Golden Sky

The modernist craftsmanship of a mobile home, an expression of modernity and new needs is the JB Golden Sky model. Open yourself up to new horizons.
The terrace as an extension of the mobile home and the roof terrace offer freedom and space in the mobile home. Large glass surfaces provide a source of natural light and optically enlarge the mobile home.
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The modern design of the house came to be thanks to the brilliant mix of wood and industrial elements. The wooden façade gives off the feeling of warmth and the aluminum Pref other than it’s longevity and protective function against corrosion, further adds to the prestigious look of the house.
A large, open glass structure in the roof invites you to a covered terrace. It is precisely from the terrace that we can contemplate nature while enjoying our morning coffee. But let’s go further and higher, because just around the corner, stairs will lead us to the roof terrace of the house, where there is space for our own arrangement.
The roof of the house on which the terrace is located has been protected with a polyurethane coating, which is resistant to moisture, high and low temperatures, mechanical damage, acidic or alkaline substances, and microorganisms.
The large glass structure in the roof of the house provides a source of natural light and visually enlarges the area of the mobile home. Triple-glazed windows have been installed throughout the house to maintain excellent thermal insulation performance while significantly reducing heating costs.
The interior of the mobile home is given a sense of artistry and character by the LED linear lighting, which can be controlled for brightness. The ambiance of the lighting will increase the comfort of your stay and contribute to a friendly atmosphere in the mobile home.
The exceptional durability of FIBO wall panels allows for their use in the most demanding places, such as the kitchen and bathroom. It is a proposition for people who expect elegance in their surroundings while also requiring practicality from the materials used.


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JB Golden Sky

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2 bedrooms, living room with kitchenette, bathroom, hallway, built-in terrace, roof terrace
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