JB Silver Moon

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JB Silver Moon

Model JB Silver Moon - Luxurious and fashion breakthrough for mobile homes. Large glazings are a source of natural light and optically enlarge the surface of the home.

PUR foam insulation covering the steel structure in combination with underfloor heating will ensure constant, optimal temperature inside your mobile home, even when you are away. 

Full equipment and ergonomic arrangement of devices will allow you to move into the home immediately without having to resign your existing habits


We combined the roofing with the façade to give the cottage a modern look. This allowed us to dispense with guttering, as water from the roof runs down the façade. The façade slate is maintenance-free. It is easy to clean and does not need to be painted. The decorative elements were made of FIBO panel.
With Wi-Fi heating control, you can control and regulate the temperature from anywhere. For even more effective insulation, we have used 18 cm of open-cell PUR foam to ensure a constant optimum temperature in both summer and winter.
Triple-pane windows have been installed throughout the entire house to maintain excellent thermal insulation performance while significantly reducing heating costs. Energy efficiency without heat loss.
The use of a raised ceiling in all rooms provides better air circulation. Combining it with linear, decorative LED lighting gives the space a more modern look.
Vinyl panels have been used throughout the entire mobile home. Unlike regular panels, vinyl panels minimize noise during use and are more resistant to mechanical damage.
The exceptional durability of Kerradeco wall panels allows for their use in the most demanding places, such as the kitchen and bathroom. It is a proposition for people who expect elegance in their surroundings while also requiring practicality.
The practical solution of USB sockets provides a universal base for charging all multimedia devices without the need for unsightly cable accumulation.
The interior of the mobile home is given a sense of artistry and character by the LED linear lighting, which can be controlled for brightness. The ambiance of the lighting will increase the comfort of your stay and contribute to a friendly atmosphere in the mobile home.

In the kitchen, we used a compact HPL countertop with increased durability and scratch resistance. The aesthetic appearance of the countertop fits perfectly with the modern character of the kitchen.


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JB Silver Moon

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2 bedrooms, living room with kitchenette, bathroom, hall
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